Dance Performance Assessments

Responding to a video of a dance masterwork, with some background information about the choreographer and the work, students respond both in writing and by dancing. Both written work and danced work are based on elements and themes of the masterwork.

 Discipline-Based Performance Tasks

  • Replicate (learn a dance phrase)
  • Create a solo
  • Peer coach or give constructive feedback using a protocol
  • Create a collaborative group dance (duet in elementary, trio in middle school, quartet in high school)
  • Perform

Written Performance Tasks

  • Infer style and genre in the dance and justify their response.
  • Compare and contrast the style of the dance to prior knowledge of styles and genres.
  • Analyze elements of dance (body shapes and actions, use of space, energy dynamics, staging relationships) and choreographic devices and structures.
  • Reflect on and interpret meaning.
  • High School: additional questions address stage directions, anatomy/kinesiology, dance-related careers, and benefits of dance study.