Theater Performance Assessments

Since the Theater Blueprint contains standards for acting, directing, playwriting, and technical theater, the theater assessments include options for students to respond to tasks from the vantage point of these roles. Thus some artistic tasks are also written tasks. Prompts include photos, videos of performances, and dramatic text.

Discipline-Based Performance Tasks

  • Perform a two-person scene.
  • Improvise to create a new scene (high school).
  • Give constructive peer feedback (using a peer feedback form).

Written Performance Tasks

  • Identify stage areas, infer action, and explain the impact of staging and design.
  • Reflect in writing on their artistic performance (elementary).
  • Extend a scene by creating new dialogue (middle school).
  • Write a new scene with dialogue arrived at through improvisation (high school).
  • Analyze the directorial, performance and design choices in a video of a professional staging of the scene (middle and high school).