Visual Arts Performance Assessments

In the Visual Arts assessment students demonstrate their knowledge of art, both in writing and by making artworks in various media. Reproductions of visual artworks serve as prompts throughout. The assessment process includes a partnered discussion.

Discipline-Based Performance Tasks

Students draw various kinds of lines and textures to demonstrate understanding of the concepts.

They create a work of art in a given medium (e.g., drawing, collage, painting) within set parameters, following clear instructions.

Written Performance Tasks

  • Differentiate types of lines, textures, colors, tints, shades, shapes, values, and forms.
  • Explain how elements of art and principles of design create an effect.
  • Decode an exhibition label.
  • Recognize periods of art.
  • Interpret a work of art and write about artistic process.
  • High school: Curate an exhibition of five artworks on a shared theme, chosen from twenty reproductions, and also express and justify an opinion about a controversial art issue.